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Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 9

Intel Graphics

The iGPU is gen 12, which has new features called GuC and HuC built-in that have power usage and performance benefits. When enabled, my laptop runs cooler, gained 3-4 hours of battery with the same usage pattern, hardware acceleration also seems to work better in firefox/chromium.

These features are not enabled by default, as the official intel docs states that they are not available on < gen12 intel CPUs. However, this laptop have a gen11 CPU, while the iGPU is gen12 and the features works properly when enabled.

There is currently a mailing list for enabling these features by default for this CPU.

All credit to inslee@askfedora:

Sound issues

This laptop have a 4 speaker array for Dobly Atmos support. The factory installed firmware had buggy support for these speakers in Linux based OS, the sound was muffled and sounded like mono-channel, volume was also low and using amplification just made the sound even worse.

Turns out there was a firmware update for the audio controller available, after installing this with fw-update all of my issues went away and now my speakers are fantastic in Linux.

Last update: February 24, 2023