I recommend you to get yourself a cheap domain name for personal use, it will make visiting your hosted applications a lot easier. I use Cloudflare as my dns provider since they got a solid API.

The domain itself is bought elsewhere, but I have moved the dns management over to Cloudflare.

I have a CNAME record for *.fmlab.no, which is a wildcard for all sub-domain requests that points to my internal IP for the server. If I want to override this for a service, I can simply create a new CNAME record for whatever.fmlab.no to override for single instances.

My Cloudflare dashboard looks like this

  • A Record server is the private ip address, traefik-internal handles reverse-proxy. This value is hardcoded.
  • CNAME Record * is a wildcard record which points to A Record server, if a record for sub-domain does not exist, this wildcard is used.
  • A Record vpn is the public ip, traefik-external handles reverse-proxy. This value is automatically updated by cloudflare-ddns.
  • CNAME Record photos points to the A Record vpn, this record is managed by external-dns.

Last update: February 24, 2023